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Since 1969, OTC has served as the meeting place for the best and brightest minds in the world to share ideas and discuss, debate, and build a consensus around the most pressing challenges, topics, and innovations in the offshore energy sector. 

With the energy capital of the world as our backdrop, OTC is proud to call Houston home. Houston will be at the forefront of the future of energy and the energy transition for years to come. As the world seeks to meet growing global energy demand and achieve climate goals, the discussions and technological advancements needed to meet these dual challenges are taking place right here at OTC.

Exhibiting at OTC can deliver a range of benefits, including increased exposure, networking opportunities, market insights, lead generation, brand building, and competitive advantage.

Several Benefits of Exhibiting at OTC Include:

Industry Exposure

OTC provides an excellent platform to showcase products, services, and expertise to a targeted audience of industry professionals, including potential customers, partners, investors, and decision-makers. It allows companies to gain exposure within the energy sector and increase brand awareness.

Networking Opportunities

OTC brings together a diverse range of professionals from the offshore energy sector, including suppliers, contractors, operators, and industry experts. At OTC, you will connect with key individuals, establish valuable relationships, and expand professional networks. Networking can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and future business opportunities.

Market Intelligence

OTC serves as a hub for industry knowledge and insights. Companies can stay updated on the latest trends, technological advancements, and regulatory developments within the sector. Attending presentations, panel discussions, and technical sessions can provide valuable market intelligence that can inform business strategies and innovation efforts.

Lead Generation

OTC attracts a global audience who are actively seeking solutions and innovations in the offshore energy sector. By exhibiting, companies can generate leads and engage with prospects who have a specific interest or need related to their products or services. Gathering contact information, conducting product demonstrations, and engaging in meaningful conversations can help capture potential customers and drive sales.

Brand Building

Exhibiting at OTC allows your company to reinforce your brand identity and messaging. A well-designed booth, marketing materials, and engaging presentations contribute to brand visibility and recognition. A strong presence at OTC can enhance your company's brand reputation, credibility, and perceived expertise in the field.

Competitive Advantage

Exhibiting at OTC provides an opportunity to benchmark against competitors. Your company can assess the competition, evaluate industry trends, and identify gaps or areas for improvement. Understanding the competitive landscape can help refine your company's marketing strategies, product positioning, and business development efforts.

Product/Service Showcase

OTC offers a dedicated space to display products, equipment, and technologies related to offshore energy. This allows your company to demonstrate your offerings in a tangible way, enabling potential customers and partners to experience the products firsthand. Exhibiting also provides an opportunity to highlight unique features, competitive advantages, and innovations to differentiate your company from the competition.

The future of energy and the energy transition will be decided by society's technological advances. And as a technology conference, THE FUTURE OF ENERGY IS HERE AT OTC.

Discover New Business

Discover New Business

OTC is sponsored by 13 nonprofit organizations in the energy industry, that work cooperatively to develop the technical program. Revenue from OTC directly benefits the membership of these societies.

Whatever your place in the offshore energy supply chain, exhibiting at OTC will give you the platform to make a big impression on thousands of buyers from around the world.

What Attendees and Exhibitors Think About OTC

What Attendees and Exhibitors Think About OTC

»  For many exhibitors, OTC is their most significant exhibit participation of the year.
»  Numerous exhibitors are able to sign multi-million dollar contracts or MOUs at the event.

Meet Your Sales Targets by Exhibiting at OTC

Meet Your Sales Targets by Exhibiting at OTC

OTC is a global event that connects offshore energy professionals from more than 100 countries to collaborate and discuss the challenges, solutions, and changing energy landscape of the offshore energy sector. Across four days, industry thought leaders, investors, buyers, and entrepreneurs will meet in Houston – the energy capital of the world – to develop business partnerships and learn about the latest advances, challenges, and opportunities.

Countdown to OTC 2025!