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2025 OTC Spotlight on New Technology Awards
Applications Will Open Mid-August 2024

The OTC Spotlight on New Technology Awards is the premier awards program in the offshore energy industry.  It is designed to highlight new technologies in the offshore energy sector for companies exhibiting at the Offshore Technology Conference.

Only exhibiting companies, including divisions and subdivisions, may apply. The cost for each application submitted is USD 2,500 with a limit of two submissions per company.

All entries, including entry fee and all supporting documents, are due by 18 December 2024.

Applications, entry fees, and accompanying documentation will not be returned or refunded. The decision of the judges is final and incontestable. Companies selected for awards will be notified in March 2025.

Blue Spotlight Logo

Winning Technologies Receive:

  • Acknowledgment in an OTC press release;
  • Advanced recognition on the OTC website and on OTC social media platforms;
  • Acknowledgment at an on-site awards ceremony with press invited;
  • Recognition in a special section of the OTC digital conference program;
  • Designation on the exhibit floor with a customized Spotlight banner;
  • Use of the Spotlight on New Technology logo and recognize themselves as a Spotlight winner at any of the OTC events that are held within 11 months of the OTC of which they won.

Technology Criteria and Judging

Technologies to be considered for the Program must meet five general criteria—new, innovative, proven, broad interest, and significant impact. Both hardware and software technologies are applicable. Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by experts in the appropriate fields of technology. A committee made up of representatives from the OTC Board will judge the applications and determine the award recipients.  Only information submitted in writing in the application will be considered by the judges.

Spotlight on New Technology - Small Business Award

In support and recognition of innovative technologies being developed by small businesses (less than 300 employees), applicants may chose the small business category during the application process.

These winners will receive the same benefits listed above, but with the added recognition as a “Small Business Award” winner.  New technologies developed by small businesses will also be considered for the primary Spotlight on New Technology award.

Small Business Winner

Small Business Award Requirements

To be considered for the Small Business Award, your company must:

  • Be independently owned and operated or a not-for-profit concern.
  • Have no more than 300 employees for the preceding twelve months (as of the application deadline).
  • Meet all other Spotlight on New Technology Award requirements.

Small Business Winner

Congratulations to the 2024 Spotlight on New Technology® Award Winners

OTC announces the winners of their 2024 Spotlight on New Technology Award. This esteemed honor is given exclusively to OTC exhibitors who are reshaping the offshore energy sector through their innovation and development of technologies.

This year, 15 technologies - 5 of them from small businesses - were selected for their demonstrated advancements in the industry.



2024 Spotlight on New Technology Winners

  • Baker Hughes TRU-ARMS™ advanced reservoir mapping services
  • Baker Hughes Sonus™ Acoustic-Set Liner Hanger System
  • Hägglunds, a brand of Bosch Rexroth Quantum Power
  • DeepOcean Autonomous Inspection Drone
  • Fugro Blue Dragon® seafloor drill
  • Fugro Remote subsea inspection solution
  • Henkel  LOCTITE®Pulse™
  • Oil States ACTIVEHub™ with ACTIVELatch™
  • Oil States Swift DW2 RAR Connector - Ratchet Anti-Rotation Mechanism
  • Saipem S.p.A. Integrated Acoustic Unit (I.A.U.)

2024 Spotlight Small Business Winners

small business

  • BridgeFlow Valve Ltd. BridgeFlow Mechanized Ball Valve
  • GOWell Multi-aperture Motion-compensative Pulsed Eddy Current Deep Detection Method for Multi-pipe Thickness Corrosion Measurements (ePDT)
  • GOWell Elastic Structure Nonharmonic Resonance Method for Through-Tubing Cement Evaluation (TTCE)
  • HYTORC Industrial Bolting Systems LIGHTNING™ PUMP Series
  • Nanoprecise Sci Corp NrgMonitor™

Baker Hughes TRU-ARMS™ advanced reservoir mapping services

The Baker Hughes TRU-ARMS™ Advanced Reservoir Mapping Service delivers a step-change in reservoir mapping by identifying lithological and fluid boundaries up to 300 feet from the wellbore—enhancing field development planning for improved production and recovery. This novel service also leverages unique confidence analyses that helps to evaluate hydrocarbon volumes. 

Baker Hughes

baker hughes TRU-ARMS

Baker Hughes Sonus™ Acoustic-Set Liner Hanger System

The Sonus™ acoustic-set liner hanger system delivers a new way of installing liner hangers that saves time, optimizes operations, and reduces risks. The system delivers real-time downhole data throughout the entire liner installation and includes a downlink mechanism to selectively actuate equipment before, during, or after cementing.

baker hughes

baker hughes acoustic set liner

Hägglunds, a brand of Bosch Rexroth Quantum Power

For direct drives in heavy-duty applications, Quantum Power creates a powerful new reality and proven strengths into an extraordinary new performance curve. It offers a top speed of over 150 rpm, yet it provides a sustainable maximum torque of more than 350 kNm. At corner power users can achieve a mind-bending 3 MW – without sacrificing compactness or efficiency.

hagglunds logo


DeepOcean Autonomous Inspection Drone

The Autonomous Inspection Drone (AID) facilitates pre-programmed inspection routes for subsea assets, increasing simultaneous operations without increase in personnel. Routes, planned and refined in DeepOcean's Digital Twin, are transmitted to the vehicle from the Remote Operation Center while being monitored continuously. This ensures high quality data while enhancing operator awareness and optimizing efficiency.

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Fugro Blue Dragon®

The Fugro Blue Dragon® revolutionizes offshore geotechnical exploration. This modular, fully-automated seafloor drill performs in situ testing, soil sampling, and rock coring in a single dive. Operating across various water depths and terrains, the Blue Dragon® minimizes risk, increases safety, contributes to sustainability, and ensures consistent data quality.

fugro logo

blue dragon

Fugro Remote subsea inspection solution

Fugro’s remote subsea inspection solution combines the Fugro Blue Essence® uncrewed surface vessel (USV) and Fugro Blue Volta® eROV, managed from one of our remote operating centers. Being uncrewed, the approach reduces HSE risks, lowers project cost, and cuts carbon emissions while fostering real-time client collaboration for enhanced decision-making.

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subsea inspection

Henkel  LOCTITE®Pulse™

LOCTITE®Pulse™ is an IIoT Solution designed to contribute to your plant's reliability. Once sensors are installed, you can monitor critical static and rotating assets in a single app. Receive notifications when irregularities have been measured. Empower operations for minimal downtime, enhanced safety, and sustainability.

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Oil States ACTIVEHub™ with ACTIVELatch™

The Oil States  ACTIVEHub™ platform and ACTIVELatch™ digital ecosystem of technologies provide remote monitoring and control of the industry’s first battery-operated wireless latch for greater well site safety and efficiency. When paired with ACTIVEClose™ and ACTIVESense™ technologies, valves and pressure control equipment can be remotely monitored and controlled.

oil states logo

oil states active hub

Oil States Swift™ DW2 RAR Connector - Ratchet Anti-Rotation Mechanism

The Oil States Swift™ DW2 RAR offers oil and gas operators a unique integrally machined anti-rotation mechanism that prevents connector breakout in extreme and fatigue-sensitive ultra-deepwater conditions. It is the only true metal-sealing conductor and casing connector on the market that features integral ratchet anti-rotation (RAR) as a standard component.

oil states logo

oil states dw2

Saipem S.p.A. Integrated Acoustic Unit (I.A.U.)

Saipem's Integrated Acoustic Unit (I.A.U.) is a technology which enables non-intrusive, remote offshore pipeline integrity monitoring during laying activities. It offers added value to clients through derisking operations, ensuring accuracy, fleet digitalization and timeliness in detecting anomalies. I.A.U. is a DNV-qualified technology already supporting projects under execution.

saipem logo

saipem iau

2024 Spotlight Small Business Winners

BridgeFlow Valve Ltd. BridgeFlow Mechanized Ball Valve

BridgeFlow's Mechanized Ball Valve revolutionizes valve technology by offering unmatched durability, superior sealing over traditional methods, and environmental sustainability. Its innovative design ensures leak-proof operation, frictionless rotation, and efficient flow, setting new standards in reliability and efficiency.

small business

bridgeflow logo

bridgeflow valvue

GOWell Multi-aperture Motion-compensative Pulsed Eddy Current Deep Detection Method for Multi-pipe Thickness Corrosion Measurements (ePDT)

GOWell’s second generation Enhanced Pipe Detection Tool (ePDT-II) utilizes multi-aperture motion-compensative electromagnetic technology to provide proven pipe thickness measurements for up to five tubulars. Corrosion monitoring can save operators costly repairs and potential well abandonment, and the ePDT-II has now successfully extended their pipe evaluation range.

small business

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gowell motion

GOWell Elastic Structure Nonharmonic Resonance Method for Through-Tubing Cement Evaluation (TTCE)

TheGOWell TTCE service allows reliable through-tubing cement evaluation using novel Elastic Structure Nonharmonic Resonance technology. TTCE provides an efficient and cost-effective option for WI management in various settings (including hydrocarbon, geothermal, P&A, and gas storage), allowing operators to evaluate the cement behind the casing without pulling the tubing.

small business

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gowell  elastic

HYTORC Industrial Bolting Systems LIGHTNING™ PUMP Series

HYTORC’s LIGHTNINGTM PUMP Series are the fastest single-motor pumps for bolting. The 1170 watt-hour battery means they don’t rely on a power grid. The variable speed motor means a higher flow and faster pumps. They work in all weather conditions. The Smart model has an intuitive touchscreen and documentation capabilities.

small business

hytorc logo

hytorc technology

Nanoprecise Sci Corp NrgMonitor™

NrgMonitor™ is an Energy Efficiency & Health Analytics Platform that empowers manufacturers to track energy efficiency, monitor carbon footprint, and enable condition monitoring of motor-driven equipment. It identifies energy-consuming assets, pinpoints faults, and predicts equipment lifespan, helping achieve Net-Zero goals while preventing unplanned downtime.

small business


nano product


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