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An International Perspective on Commercializing Emerging Technologies Through the Energy Transition

Monday, 6 May
Networking Event

The international effort to decarbonize the land and offshore sectors was bolstered by COP 28. Consequently, this increases the urgency to put new and emerging technologies on the market to facilitate the energy transition and augment decarbonization initiatives.

In this backdrop, this session will offer valuable, international insights from energy organizations on the following aspects that are crucial for emerging technologies supporting the energy transition’s success: (i) their experience with commercializing emerging technologies in the offshore sector; (ii) ongoing projects where such technologies are being deployed; (iii) how to overcome the challenges that emerging technologies can sometimes face; and (iv) insights on accelerating the transition of newly commercialized technologies to market.

Preshit Gawade, Executive Director – New Energies - Baker Hughes
Cammy Booth, Technology Partnership Manager – UK and USA - Net Zero Technology Centre
Fernando Hernandez, Chairman of the Board - Society for Low Carbon Technologies

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