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How Standards and Standardization will Enable Efficiency in the Offshore Wind Industry

Monday, 6 May
Panel Offshore Wind Thread
For an efficient offshore wind energy supply, cost management and lower carbon footprint, there is a need for a structural reduction of Life Cycle Cost (CAPEX, OPEX and Lost revenue) /LCOE, build up cost efficient supply chains, take away waste and unnecessary engineering, industry collaboration and alignment, involvement of the new generation of engineers. The purpose of this session is to show how offshore wind standards can be the best way to achieve these goals while applying standardization principles to improve upon. The topics of discussion will focus on the following: Collaboration to develop and maintain cost effective and relevant standards that can be used world-wide - Harmonization of offshore wind standards; Resolving discrepancies between regional and international standards; Promoting the easy adoption of standards by the new generation of engineers - Instantaneous feedback loops, share experience on the use of our standards such that standards can be kept fit-for-purpose; Drive existing standards to an essential minimum enabling safety and cost-efficiency; Development of an offshore wind digital vocabulary (Standardized Reference Data Libraries (RDL)) unlocking digitalization values; Standards and standardization as an enabler to develop cost-efficient supply chains.
Jason Jonkman, Principal Engineer, National Wind Technology Center - National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Melodie Puente, Director of Commercial Marine Transportation - Offshore Wind - Crowley
Andy Barwise, Site Characterization and Ground Modelling Department Manager - RWE
Benjamin Brown, Senior Vice President & Managing Director Clean Energy - INpower Global Insurance Services, LLC
Thalia Kruger, Director Business Development - Neko Energy US
Victor Taboada, Marine Geotechnical Manager - Fugro

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