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Simulating Success: Navigating Energy and Logistics with Discrete Event Simulation

Wednesday, 8 May
ETP Stage
Energy Transition Presentations
This presentation will focus on the application of Discrete Event Simulation (DES) as a strategic tool for energy project planning. Highlighting the contrast between DES and continuous simulation, the talk will explain how DES models dynamic systems where state variables change at discrete points in time, as opposed to continuous simulation's reliance on differential equations for representing changes over continuous time. BMT has diverse simulation capabilities, including crew movement, component assembly, fleet sustainment, and offshore wind projects; our presentation will showcase how each capability integrates processes, environments, and resources within the context of energy, and ports and logistics projects. This discussion aims to illuminate the benefits of DES in providing precise, actionable insights for complex project planning and execution in the energy sector.
Phillip White, Senior Business Development Manager - Infrastructure and Environment - BMT

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