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Role of the Near-Surface and Subsurface Toward Net-Zero Using Wind and Carbon Capture and Storage

Tuesday, 7 May
Technical / Poster Session
The ability to harness offshore wind power and enable offshore carbon capture and storage requires knowledge of the subsurface. For wind, it is anchoring windmills and laying power cables, and for CCS it is finding ideal sites to permenantly store CO2. The role of geology, geophysics, and petroleum engineering all come together to support this critical time in our global pursuit for net-zero emissions.
Martin Terrell, Manager LCS - Exxon Mobil Corporation
Elive Menyoli, Geophysical Advisor - Hess Corporation
  • 0930-0948 35494
    Static and Dynamic Properties of US Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf Cohesionless Soils for Offshore Wind Farm Design
    X. Long, S. Adhikari, Fugro USA Marine, Inc.; J. Dow, D. Hargrave, Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind
  • 0950-1008 35099
    Integrating Aerial and Ground-Based Surveys to Characterize Submarine Cable Landfalls
    D. Harrison, C. Brennan, T. Ambler, Geo-4D; C. Izatt-Barton, Safelane Global
  • 1010-1028 35210
    Optimizing CO2 Transport and Injection for a Large-Scale CCS Demonstration Project in Korea: Flow Assurance in Repurposed Offshore Pipelines and Depleted Gas Reservoirs
    J. Cho, W. Lee, Korea National Oil Corporation; S. Hwang, B.L. Tay, X. Sun, SLB; J. Kim, H. Lee, Korea National Oil Corporation
  • 1030-1048 35200
    Proposed Guidelines for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Completions Design in Highly Depleted Reservoir
    M. Sofyan, H.M. Poitrenaud, S. Khoo, A. Chilaka, B. Dechelette, E.V. Garcia, TotalEnergies
  • 1050-1108 35095
    Addressing the Energy Trilemma: Offshore Drilling Decarbonization
    F. Reyes Falck, Noble Drilling
  • 1110-1128 35109
    Hydraulic, Chemical, and Mechanical Response of Rocks for CO2 Storage Systems
    S. Shandilaya, S. Roshankhah, University of Utah
  • 1130-1148 35389
    Reduced Carbon Load and Increased Value: Applying Renewable Energy to Deepwater Tiebacks
    R. Robinson, G. Engelmann, Excipio Energy, Inc; P. Leung, Shell; I. Furtado, Excipio Energy Brasil; A. Choudhary, Shell India Markets Private Ltd

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