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Role of Collaboration and Technology Development to Meet Carbon Capture and Storage Projects

Tuesday, 7 May
This session explores the crucial role of collaboration and technology development in effectively implementing Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects. With the growing urgency to mitigate climate change, CCS has emerged as a vital solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by capturing CO2 from industrial processes and power generation and storing it underground. However, the successful deployment of CCS projects requires the combined efforts of various stakeholders, including governments, industries, research institutions, and technology developers. In this session, we will delve into the significance of collaboration among these stakeholders to address the complex challenges associated with CCS projects. We will discuss the need for cross-sector partnerships, knowledge sharing, and coordinated efforts to overcome regulatory barriers, financial constraints, and public acceptance issues. The session will highlight successful collaboration models from existing CCS initiatives, emphasizing the lessons learned and best practices that can be replicated in future projects. Furthermore, this session will focus on the critical role of technology development in advancing CCS projects. Participants will gain insights into the latest advancements in carbon capture, storage, and utilization technologies, including breakthroughs in solvent-based, solid sorbent, and membrane-based capture methods. We will explore the role of research and development, innovation, and pilot-scale demonstrations in driving the deployment of cost-effective and efficient CCS technologies. 
Zoe Yujnovich, Integrated Gas and Upstream Director - Shell
Siegfried Meissner, President - Energy Transition and Industrial Automation - Nabors
Ahmed Eldemerdash, Vice President New Energy and Business Transformation - Baker Hughes
Frederik Majkut, Senior Vice President of Carbon Solutions - SLB
Kamel Bennaceur, Chairman and Executive Director - Damorphe

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