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Riding the Waves of Innovation: Exploring Offshore Hydrogen Carriers for a Sustainable Future

Tuesday, 7 May
Offshore hydrogen carriers have the potential to revolutionize the global hydrogen economy by enabling the transportation of hydrogen across long distances. However, realizing this potential requires the development of a sustainable value chain that spans from hydrogen production to end-use applications. This panel session will bring together experts from across the hydrogen value chain to explore the opportunities and challenges in building a sustainable value chain for offshore hydrogen transportation.
Carl Fischer, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer - sH&Yp BV
Puneet Sharma, Founder - CyaNH3
Carrie Lalou, Vice President Global Sales - Linde plc
Henrik Larsen, Vice President, Clean Ammonia and Hydrogen - KBR Sustainable Technology Solutions
Nikhil Joshi, Chief Technology Officer - Verde CO2 LLC

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