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Prospects for the Development of Oil and Gas Exploration Sector in Ukraine

Wednesday, 8 May
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Ukraine is one of most promising regions of Europe in terms of gas resources, reserves and production. Currently Ukraine offers to jointly develop several promising fields aiming to unlock the existing potential. One of the goal in natural gas production for upcoming years is to become a net-exporter of gas to the EU through investments in increasing domestic gas production. To achieve these goals state-owned companies combine usage of modern technologies to discover new deposits on already depleted deposits and increase investments in research and development of new areas. During the event there will be an opportunity to know most resent insights of the government efforts and legislative changes to make these reserves attractive for investors to the exploration and development of the oil and gas fields to achieve the largest economically viable hydrocarbon production volumes.
Denys Kudin, Ukrnafta - Executive Vice President for Strategy and Development
Stepan Kozytskyy, Chief Executive Officer - ZahidNadraService
Fadi Hraibi, Member of the Board of Directors - Interpipe
Oleksiy Chernyshov, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer - Naftogaz Ukraine
Vitalii Tarasiuk, Consul General - Consulate General of Ukraine in Houston
Pavlo Moiseichenko, Consul - Trade and Economic Cooperation - Consulate General of Ukraine in Houston

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