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Marlim and Campos Basin Revitalization: A Real Scale Lab for Deepwater Mature Oilfield Technologies

Monday, 6 May
Technical / Poster Session
30 years ago, Petrobras at the Marlim Oilfield pioneered the development of technologies that enabled deepwater oil exploration and production. Once again, Marlim and the Campos Basin are in the spotlight of the industry. In this session, you will get to know the Campos Revitalization Program and the two new Marlim projects that have implemented a wide range of pioneering mature deepwater oilfield technologies. These technologies have been applied in two new FPSOs in Marlim, resulting in a combined oil production of 150 kbpd after full ramp-up, along with 75 production and injection wells and a 55% reduction in GHG emissions. Additionally, 48 new production and injection wells have been constructed and interconnected in Roncador, Marlim Sul, Marlim Leste, Barracuda & Caratinga, Tartaruga Verde, Albacora, Espadarte, and Jubarte, resulting in a combined oil production of 250 kbpd. The presentations will cover the applied reservoir strategies, as well as topside, well construction, subsea, decommissioning, and environmental licensing disciplines, and its applied pioneering technologies.
Maria Clara Costa, Manager Subsurface - Equinor ASA
Pedro Tavares, PMO Senior Engineer of Deepwater Assets - Petrobras
  • 0930-0948 35254
    Campos Basin Revitalization: From Small Subsea Tiebacks to Complete Redevelopment
    P.L. Tavares, S.F. Furtado, D.K. Dinelli, L.S. dos Santos, O.D. Lameira, E.B. Luz Junior, M.J. Erdtmann, O.N. de Lima, Petrobras
  • 0950-1008 35457
    Marlim and Voador Fields Revitalization Project
    M.T. Paula, D.H. Lage, A.B. Dos Santos, C.A. Pedrosa, G.B. da Silva, L.H. Fonseca, M.R. Cordeiro, T.C. Costa, R.M. Pereira, T.A. Miranda, Petrobras
  • 1010-1028 35344
    Well Construction Records and its Contribution for Campos Basin Revitalization
    L.E. Azevedo Duccini, F.C. Petersen, A.C. Ramos Junior, M. Marques, J. de Miranda, Petrobras
  • 1030-1048 35213
    Subsea Innovations and Technologies in Revitalization of Deepwater Brownfields in Brazil
    R.C. Lancelotti Campos, M. Roberto, G.C. Campello, M.M. Capella Da Fonseca, R. Orlowski, R.H. Moreira, F.R. Sant' Anna, A.B. Santana, Petrobras
  • 1050-1108 35272
    New FPSO for Marlim and Voador Fields Revitalization Project
    C.A. Meira De Oliveira, M. Mattoso de Padua, C. Lima Romeiro, D. Papera Araujo, R. Santos de Araujo, Petrobras
  • 1110-1128 35397
    Decommissioning of Offshore Oil and Gas Installations in Campos Basin - Brazil: Main Challenges and Achievements
    E.R. Nicolosi, E.S. Dutra, L.C. Guerra, L.R. de Freitas, E.L. Filho, D.D. Prado, R.S. Giovani, A.A. Fernandes, Petrobras
  • 1130-1148 35391
    A Methodology to Fulfill Environmental Requirements for Implementing Projects With Subsea Systems in Campos Basin Sensitive Regions
    A.B. dos Santos, L.R. de Freitas, M.F. Vigna, G.P. Schwarz, Petróleo Brasileiro - Petrobras

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