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The new ERA of Flow Assurance: Digital Tools and Challenging the Status Quo

Thursday, 9 May
Technical / Poster Session
The Flow Assurance session presents the newly developed technologies and products for production chemicals, the deployment and learnings, and the significance of reducing OPEX and unplanned shut down to achieve sustainable production. Must attend for professionals in the field of flow assurance and analysis.
Phaneendra Kondapi, Affiliate Professor - Colorado School of Mines
Muge Demiroglu, Production Chemistry Advisor - bp
  • 1400-1418 35027
    Advanced Shut-Down/Start-Up Analysis for Gas Hydrate Prevention in Subsea Production Systems
    L.F. R. Dalla, Petrobras/Colorado School of MInes; L.E. Zerpa, C.A. Koh, Colorado School of Mines
  • 1420-1438 35280
    Hydrate Non-Plugging Evaluation of Crude Oils in Varying Shear Environments
    O.V. Greener, R. Castrejon-Miranda, J. Delgado-Linares, C. Koh, Colorado School of Mines; T. Palermo, A. Fidel-Dufour, TotalEnergies R&D Deep Offshore - FA Theme; K. Mateen, TotalEnergies E&P Research & Technology USA LLC; S. Afra, D. Turner, B. Johnston, ExxonMobil Upstream Integrated Solutions Co; A. Teixeira, L.S. Valim, Petrobras Research, Development, and Innovation Center - CENPES
  • 1440-1458 35138
    How Anti-Agglomerant Can Replace MEG to Mitigate Hydrate Risk in Mature Gas Field?
    S. Rocoulet, R. Khiari, H. Shobaki, R. Arnault, E. Labielle, A. Fidel-Dufour, N. Lesage, C. Drouilly, TotalEnergies
  • 1500-1518 35321
    What to Learn from a Hydrate Remediation Operation in a West-African Deep-Water Production Well?
    G. Alborzi, H. Seal, R. Azarinezhad, M. Watson, Wood Plc
  • 1520-1538 35497
    Mineral Sulfite Scale Issues: Water Compatibility and Mitigation Assessment
    T. Brenas, A. Vincent, N. Lesage, TotalEnergies
  • 1540-1558 35185
    Study on Sand Production in Natural Gas Hydrate During Radial Wells Depressurization Exploitation
    Y. An, Y. Zhang, X. Wu, H. Khanjar, H. Du, C. Hui, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
  • 1600-1618 35472
    Corrosion Inhibition for Sour Offshore Oil and Gas Production Facilities
    Z. Ma, Y.C. Araujo De Itriago, Intertek

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