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Mega Project - Whale: Deepwater Host Replication

Wednesday, 8 May
For more than a decade, as deepwater oil and gas has reached a technologically mature phase, the industry has pursued the ambition to achieve replication in the delivery of deep water host facilities with varying levels of success. Reservoir characteristics, metocean conditions, equipment standardization, design replication, team replication, repeat execution strategies, leadership support and a willingness to make value trade-offs are key elements that determine the extent of replication that can be achieved. In this panel session, the Shell Whale project will share its experience in replicating the Vito floating production unit, the benefits, challenges and potential for what the industry can achieve in the future.
Oro Awaritefe, Project Manager - Shell
Jason Gage, Host Manager - Shell
Jonathan Johnson, Business Opportunity Manager - Shell Exploration
Chad Wittfeld, Business Opportunity Manager - Shell
William Gu, Executive Vice President and Head of Oil and Gas International - Seatrium
Huyen Bui, Senior Geophysicist - Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.
Martin Terrell, Manager LCS - Exxon Mobil Corporation

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