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Maximizing Geothermal and Oil and Gas Synergies: Opportunity to Scale

Monday, 6 May
The natural synergies between the traditional oilfield and geothermal markets are long established if not widely understood. In this panel we will discuss how the oil and gas industry is making money with geothermal operations, the transferability of jobs skills between these energy sectors and the equitable workforce transition as well as economic opportunities for you, your company and your community.
Kenneth B Medlock, Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies - Rice University
Stephan Hannke, Business Development Geothermal Applications - OMV
Sharleen Gale, Chief - Fort Nelson First Nations
Timothy Latimer, Chief Executive Officer - Fervo Energy
Jeanine Vany, Executive Vice President Corporate Affairs - Eavor Technologies
Ajit Menon, Vice President Geothermal and Energy Transition - Baker Hughes
Kerry Fellers, Director of Membership - Geothermal Rising
Bryant Jones, Executive Director - Geothermal Rising

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