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Marlim and Campos Basin Offshore Asset Revitalization and Life Extension: Increasing Recovery and Environmental Resilience

Monday, 6 May
Keynote Speaker Series
The world's current need for oil reserves as one of the sources of energy security is only surpassed by public demand for reduction on carbon emissions intensity and more environmental friendly developments. Asset revitalization and life extension projects fulfill both these objectives increasing recovery factor of existing fields while also allowing for the reduction of emissions through the deployment of new technologies and infrastructure optimization. 30 years after being recognized with OTC distinguished achievement, Petrobras brings back the case of Marlim and Campos Basin, pioneers in deepwater offshore development, now delivering cutting edge technologies to mature asset revitalization that allowed the company to halve CO2/boe intensity.
Fernando Mendes, Production Development General Manager - Petrobras
Mariana Cavassin, Production Development Executive Manager - Petrobras
Paulo de Paiva Neto, Deepwater Assets’ Executive Manager - Petrobras
Fernando Mendes, Production Development General Manager - Petrobras

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