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Innovations in Subsea Technologies for Offshore Oil and Gas Fields

Wednesday, 8 May
Technical / Poster Session
This session embarks on a journey into the forefront of subsea technologies and their transformative impact on offshore oil and gas fields. These papers delve deep into the subsea realm, from the rigorous qualification of subsea pumps tailored for dense phase fluid applications in Brazil's pre-salt fields to processes facilitating riserless interventions in subambient wells. Explore high-pressure hydrocarbon separation systems crucial for subsea operations, gas reinjection techniques for accelerating tiebacks and reducing emissions, and the competitive edge of multi-phase booster compression for late-life field depletion scenarios.
Amanda Hill, Subsea Engineer - Exxon Mobil Corporation
Aiman Al-Showaiter, Principal Pipeline Consultant - Wood Group USA Inc
  • 1400-1418 35302
    Elevating Workover Rig Intervention for Well Integrity Using Instrumented Coiled Tubing and Through-Tubing Inflatable and Retrievable Packer: A South Kuwait Field Application
    Y. Chandrakar, A. Al-Sarraf, Kuwait Oil Company; M. Slama, SLB; A. Al-Ajmi, P. Gupta, Kuwait Oil Company; K. Badrawy, R. Sunagatov, M.A. Sebaih, S.R. Fajardo, SLB
  • 1420-1438 35291
    Assurance Process and Technology for Riserless Interventions on Subambient Subsea Wells
    M. Vick, bp; P. Balaster, Baker Hughes; J. Ballard, S. Waters, bp
  • 1440-1458 35263
    High Pressure Hydrocarbon Separation Performance for Variation in Operational Parameters - Pseudo Dry Gas Systems
    P. Tri Bhaskoro, PETRONAS Research Sdn Bhd; J. Johar, PETRONAS; L. Liebana Yeste, L. Thomas, T. Wood, Worley; M. Roberson, Woodside; Z. Aman, University of Western Australia
  • 1500-1518 35324
    Techno-Economic Study With Integrated CO2e Emission Model of Novel Pseudo Dry Gas Technology for Mixed Oil/Gas Development via Traditional Concept
    A. Suharny, J. Johar, N. Aminah, P. Bhaskoro, S. A Aziz, Petronas; L. Liebana, L. Thomas, T. Wood, A. Pak, Worley
  • 1520-1538 35075
    Challenges and Innovations in Water Shut Off for Naturally Fractured Reservoir in Subsea Wells
    M.V. Fornari, G. Allegretti, D. Cesale, R. Cherri, S. Spagnolo, S. Moriggi, M. Pirrone, R. Brambilla, G. Carpineta, A. Mangione, S. Luppina, A. Abdallah, G. Leo, S. Racca, A. Brienza, Eni
  • 1540-1558 35245
    Going Deeper: Inspecting Subsea Live Assets By Means of an Advanced AUV Solution
    C. Nevoso, F. Cavallini, G. Massari, T. Bernini, Saipem SpA; T. Watanabe, Saipem do Brasil Ltda; A. Britto, Petrobras
  • 1600-1618 35470
    Lufeng 22-1 Oil Field Redevelopment - Witness the Subsea Technology Evolution
    S. Gao, X. Li, X. Chen, CNOOC China Limited; H. Dong, E. Steinnes, X. Xiao, OneSubsea

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