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Hydrogen Policies Throughout the States

Monday, 6 May
Roxana Bekemohammadi, Founder and Executive Director of the United States Hydrogen Alliance, is excited to share the importance of well-crafted state hydrogen policies and policymaker education. The United States Hydrogen Alliance (USHA) is a national hydrogen business trade association focused on enabling hydrogen adoption across the U.S. state-by-state. With the exponential growth of hydrogen related legislation across the U.S., USHA’s mission to educate policymakers on sound hydrogen policy across all 50 states is critical to developing the country’s hydrogen economy. Her presentation aims to provide insight into the U.S. hydrogen policy landscape, the necessity for lawmaker education, and recommended policies.
Roxana Bekemohammadi, Founder and Executive Director - United States Hydrogen Alliance
Roderick Larson, CEO - Oceaneering

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