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Harnessing the Winds: The U.S. Department of Energy's Role in Advancing Offshore Wind

Monday, 6 May
Keynote Speaker Series Offshore Wind Thread
The keynote will present an insightful overview of the U.S. Department of Energy's commitment to advancing offshore wind energy in the United States. The talk will discuss the department's strategic initiatives, technological advancements, and collaborative efforts with various stakeholders to boost the deployment of offshore wind. Key topics will include the current status and future potential of offshore wind, challenges such as environmental impacts and grid integration, and the department's role in fostering innovation, regulatory solutions, and workforce development. The keynote aims to highlight the significance of offshore wind in the transition to a sustainable energy future.
Jocelyn Brown-Saracino, Offshore Wind Energy Lead - U.S. Department of Energy
Craig Jones, Managing Principal - Integral Consulting Inc

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