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French Supply Chain for Worldwide Energy Security Delivery

Tuesday, 7 May
Around the World

After the firs Oil Embargo, France, a country with no Oil Resources has positioned itself as a leading country in Energy Transition and Energy Efficiency thanks to the spirit initially launched after the Embargo of a National Campaign mobilizing the all Economic of France and its Society : “ In France with have no Oil but we have Ideas”.

50 years later in today’s world of uncertainty, securing Energy is becoming key for many countries’ development. French Energy Majors are leading in securing affordable energy and resources thanks to this “We have Ideas” spirit. With a presence on all continents, French Energy players and their expertise of challenging Energy projects will be shared.

Learn from French Supply Chain solutions for Energy Security Delivery, listen to Success Story of French Energy Champions as Olympic Games are around the corner and meet French Expertise in the development of New Hydrogen frontier during “France Around the World Series”.


Keynote:  Recruiting talents for Future Energy Security Delivery: The experience of a major International French Energy Player - Learn how a major Energy player addresses its existing and future requirements.

Panel 01: Houlala! French Energy Olympic Champions in the US - bringing transformation on a mature market. After a short introductory keynote by each participant, you will learn from those Champs who are succeeding in the US.

Panel 02: Hydrogen: Production, Storage and Transportation - Led by Evolen (the French Association covering companies and professionals in Energies in France) this panel will feature Startup success in Hydrogen such as Haffner Energy (SAF and Hydrogen), Lhyfe (Floating Hydrogen solution) together with leading names of the Industry Air Liquide and Geostock.

Emmanuel Henriet, Senior Advisor Energy - Expertise France Group

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