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Delivering the World’s Greatest Balancing Act: More Energy, Fewer Emissions

Thursday, 9 May
Keynote Speaker Series
Over the last decade, advances in efficiency through technology and digital enablement have resulted in lower costs, lower carbon intensity, and reduced cycle times for offshore developments. Today, offshore plays offer large untapped reserves, low carbon intensity, a competitive breakeven price, and enhanced energy security. Looking forward, the oil & gas industry will continue to drive down the carbon intensity of offshore production to help meet global decarbonization goals. In addition to decarbonizing our own operations and investing in new energy technology ventures, SLB is providing technologies to help our customers reduce their environmental footprint across the exploration and production (E&P) life cycle. Join to discuss how carbon footprint reduction, methane measurement and elimination, flare elimination, digital enablement, and CCS are enabling the industry to drive down greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas operations.
Parth Pathak, Sustainability Champion, Subsea - SLB
Wallace Pescarini, President – Offshore Atlantic Basin - SLB
Aparna Raman, President of Reservoir Performance - SLB
Simon Edmundson, Low Carbon Technology Marketing Manager - SLB

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