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Digitalization and Improved Safety in Oil and Gas

Thursday, 9 May
Join us as we explore the fascinating evolution of safety in the oil and gas industry, from compliance-focused approaches of the 1970s to today's sophisticated integration of safety within ESG strategies, and the key role of digitalization. Our panel will delve into the cutting-edge trends like AI and machine learning, IoT, wearable tech, VR and AR applications, and more, which are driving the new era of Digital Safety. Witness how these technologies are revolutionizing safety management, from improving data analysis and remote work safety to autonomous operation. Together, we'll understand how digitalization has made this industry safer than ever before.
Hani Elshahawi, Managing Director - NoviDigiTech
Pedro Guizardi, Chief Executive Officer - Dersalis
Mark Freeman, Chief Executive Officer - ProDirectional
Ali Osman, Digital Product Manager - SLB
Bruno Avena De Azevedo, Chief Executive Officer - ALTAVE
Ashraf Zeid, Managing Director - Eternal Energy

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