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Digital Evolution of the Oil and Gas industry: A Post-Pandemic Review

Tuesday, 7 May
Technical / Poster Session
This session highlights the applications and lessons learned through covid that shaped the future of the Oil and Gas industry. Specific topics include the accelerated automation experienced in field operations during Covid, new communication protocols developed, the impact on physical presence on rigs, offices and even professional gatherings and conferences. This session will be a great opportunity to discuss what worked and what didn’t post pandemic and how these developments changed the role Oil and Gas professionals in the future.
German Garcia, Reservoir Engineering Advisor - SLB
Sudhir Pai, Chairman, Board of Directors - Technology Collaboration Center
  • 1400-1418 35425
    Application of Artificial Intelligence in Predicting Cementing Thickening Time
    A. Shamsan, Halliburton; W. Cuello Jimenez, S. Jandhyala, Halliburton Energy Services Group
  • 1420-1438 35484
    Overcoming Flow Assurance Issues in Deepwater Gas Well Testing and Clean-Up Operations: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
    Y.A. Shumakov, O. Karacali, M. Zhiyenkulov, SLB
  • 1440-1458 35351
    Digital Twin for Model Based Operational Support: Innovative Applications
    C. Ogugbue, Z. Greenawalt, Y. Kodratenko, T. Dokun, C. Stewart, F. Cao, S. Hosein, W. Burbank, BP America Inc
  • 1500-1518 35293
    Framework to an FPSO Digital Avatar
    I.D. Affonso, L.T. Rodrigues, J.L. Queiroz, P.F. Vieira, L.C. Castelli, P.C. Moreira, A.O. Rocha, A.C. Silva, R.P. Zeilmann, Petrobras
  • 1520-1538 35232
    Bonga FPSO - The Key Levers in Ensuring Reliable Performance of Critical Rotating Equipment
    O. Akinyemi, C. Odebeatu, C. Nwajiuba, G. Agugua, O. Atebe, Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company Ltd
  • 1540-1558 35431
    Interpretation of Pressure Transient Measurements in Realistic Geological Models Using Bayesian Inversion and Surrogate Modeling
    L. Jiang, M. Kristensen, SLB; S. Teaga Rajan, E. Motaei, Petronas; R. Prioul, S. Daungkaew, F. Dubost, SLB
  • 1600-1618 35236
    Digital Evolution of the Oil and Gas Industry - A Post-Pandemic Review
    J. Duesund, H.J. Sletsjøe, A.R. Nordbo, O. Hansen, M. Hale, Rystad Energy

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