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The Role of Latin American Independents in the Oil Market

Thursday, 9 May
Keynote Speaker Series

In the last decade Brazilian oil and gas environment has started to steer towards a greater market share by independent oil companies. Mature and not developed assets not prioritized in the portfolio of the Brazilian state oil company have been purchased by these independent oil companies, which now deal with the challenges associated with development and operation of these assets. Depending on the types of assets purchased, different innovative strategies are being adopted throughout the sector. The presentation will deliver a broad view of how the independent oil companies in Brazil have occupied this market share. The keynote speaker will address the evolution of the Brazilian Oil Market, based on his experience as the ex-head of ANP, the Brazilian oil & gas regulatory agency, and as a current CEO of a Brazilian independent oil company. He will walk through the pros and cons, as well as the opportunities for an independent oil company in Brazil, and how they are contributing to the Brazilian development plan.

Decio Oddone, Chief Executive Officer - Enauta
J Cunha, Professor - Texas A&M University

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