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CO2-EOR: Advances and Challenges

Monday, 6 May
Technical / Poster Session
CCUS and CO2 EOR can help to meet the demand for oil and gas in the future. There are several CCS facilities in operation or under construction around the world, to capture around 40 million tons of CO2 per year.
Yani Araujo De Itriago, Program Manager -Formation Evaluation & EOR - Intertek
Lirio Quintero, Senior Technical Advisor - Baker Hughes
  • 0930-0948 35380
    Single-Trip Multistage Proppant Fracturing System Reduces Operational Time and Cost to Enable Cost-Effective Production of Tight and Low-Permeability Reservoirs on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
    H. Joranson, Equinor ASA; D. Young, T. Koloy, NOV Completion and Production Solutions; N. Kennedy, NOV Inc; T. Tollefsen, NOV Completion and Production Solutions; M. Berge-Skillingstad, A. Letichevskii, K. Skrettingland, Equinor ASA
  • 0950-1008 35128
    Numerical Study on the Impact of Advanced Phenomena in a Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Subjected to WAG-CO2 Injection
    D.S. Menezes, V.E. Botechia, D.J. Schiozer, University of Campinas
  • 1010-1028 35485
    Injectivity of Frac-Packed Wells for CO2 Storage in Low-Temperature Offshore Reservoirs
    B. Guo, M. Mahmood, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • 1030-1048 35249
    Tapered WAG Ratio Optimization in an Egg Model With Brazilian Pre-Salt Fluid Using PSO Algorithm
    V.R. Freitas, W.H. Sánchez, G.S. Lima, M.A. Pastrana, University of Brasília; M.G. Santos, Repsol Sinopec Brasil; E.L. Fortaleza, University of Brasilia
  • 1050-1108 35357
    Development and Simulation of Huff-n-puff and Single-well Gas-assisted Gravity Drainage Processes for the EOR Design in Offshore Oil Fields
    A.M. Almansor, Basrah University of Oil and Gas; W.J. Al-Mudhafar, Basrah Oil Company; D. Rao, Louisiana State University
  • 1110-1128 35489
    CCUS Operational Challenges: Lessons Learned from the World's Largest Offshore Carbon-Capture, Utilization and Storage Initiative in the Oil and Gas Industry
    B.F. de Almeida, C.M. Ziglio, D.A. Batello, J.C. Lorenzeti, A.S. Musse, L.R. Lopreato, C.G. Aimoli, Petrobras
  • 1130-1148 35456
    Leveraging Machine Learning to Optimize CO2-WAG Flooding for Enhanced Oil Recovery and Carbon Storage
    P. QI, SLB Beijing Geoscience Center; Y. Chen, CNOOC Research Institute Ltd.; P. Temple, SLB; W. Li, L. Chen, SLB Beijing Geoscience Center; P. Tian, SLB; Y. Wang, J. Yang, H.L. Zhang, X.M. Yang, L. Liu, SLB Beijing Geoscience Center

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