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Environmental Footprints and Economic Impacts of Energy

Monday, 6 May
Keynote Speaker Series
Two keynote speakers will share their views on environmental footprints and economic impacts of energy. The human race is facing some very difficult decisions now and in the decades to come about quality of life, distribution of wealth, climate change, energy diversity and security. Facing these challenges demands that we make a realistic and objective evaluation of pertinent data and facts. Among these is the recognition that all forms of energy impact the environment, and all forms of energy have societal benefits. Some require large scale mining and manufacturing, use extensive amounts of land, and result in landfill disposal when they wear out. Others require extensive drilling and refining, and produce atmospheric emissions and local air pollution when combusted. Contrary to some political narratives, there are no binary, clean and dirty solutions, there are just trade-offs. The challenge facing a world of over 8 billion people living from extreme poverty to extreme wealth is how to increase human flourishing while also protecting the environment.
Y Doreen Chin, President - Yunka Energy LLC
James Bennett, Renewable Energy Senior Advisor - Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), Retired
Scott Tinker, Director, The Bureau of Economic Geology - Tinker Energy Associates
Jennifer Bell, Founder/Consultant - Elements Offshore

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