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Broken Supply Chains: The Quest to Implement the World's Largest Deepwater Production Development Portfolio

Wednesday, 8 May
Keynote Speaker Series
In the aftermath of the world COVID pandemic, shaken supply chains were further stressed by the impacts arising form the conflict taking place in Ukraine and a steep surge of demand from projects around the globe to meet rebounding oil and gas demand. To further hinder the industry, general ESG awareness is increasing constraints in capital supply to the industry, hindering further the supply of increasingly complex FPSOs and SURF systems. In this challenging environment, this keynote aims to share with the industry measures that had to be taken to make feasible the development of the largest deepwater greenfield portfolio of megaprojetcs.
Fernando Mendes, Production Development General Manager - Petrobras
Carlos Jose Travassos, Chief Engineering, Technology and Innovation Officer - Petrobras
J Cunha, Professor - Texas A&M University

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