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The Bridge to Geothermal Production

Tuesday, 7 May
Keynote Speaker Series
The increasing attention being placed on the geothermal industry by both the oil and gas industry and the intermittent renewable energy industry is raising a lot of questions. Dr. Bryant Jones, Executive Director of Geothermal Rising, and Rami Yassine, Executive Committee member and Senior Vice President at Halliburton, will explore the impact and role geothermal plays in the energy mix. Together, they will investigate if geothermal is the energy solution everyone is looking for. They will discuss the synergies between oil and gas and geothermal technologies and just how compatible geothermal is with intermittent renewable energy. They will explore how anyone can make money in the geothermal industry. And they will dive into transferable skills and how the geothermal industry offers economic opportunities for both companies and communities in this global energy transformation that is actively underway.
Kerry Fellers, Director of Membership - Geothermal Rising
Bryant Jones, Executive Director - Geothermal Rising
Rami Yassine, Executive Committee Member and Senior Vice President - Halliburton
Kerry Fellers, Director of Membership - Geothermal Rising

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