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Bonga Field: 1 Billion Barrels Export - Doubling the Initial Promise

Thursday, 9 May
Keynote Speaker Series
The Bonga field, Nigeria’s first deepwater oil and gas development lies in 150km water off the Gulf of Guinea. The Bonga field saw its inaugural oil production on November 25, 2005, with 16 pre-drilled wells via a 325m long spread moored Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) facility with a 20-year life span. Bonga’s initial recoverable promise was 576 MMbbls but over the span of 18 years, has successfully produced and exported over 1 billion barrels of oil. Elohor Aiboni will share valuable insights into the strategies behind this remarkable accomplishment anchored on the phased development strategy of the field. She will cover safety leadership, asset management excellence, project and wells delivery, and the strategic integration of technology, while ensuring people capability and effective stakeholder management as key levers for the remarkable success. Elohor will also articulate the growth opportunities inherent in the Bonga field which makes Bonga stand out as a world-class investment case.
Randall Hance, Offshore Engineer - Shell International E&P Co.
Elohor Aiboni, Managing Director - Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Co.
Randall Hance, Offshore Engineer - Shell International E&P Co.

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