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Beyond the Barrel: Unlocking Insights for the Future Energy Industry

Tuesday, 7 May
Executive Dialogue
As the world's leading Geo-data specialist, Fugro provides the critical data and insights to support the energy transition, sustainable infrastructure, and climate change adaptation. However, only eight years ago, Fugro faced the same challenges and opportunities currently confronting the oil and gas industry with the need to rapidly adapt and transform in an ever-evolving landscape. In this Executive Dialogue session, Céline Gerson, Group Director and President of Fugro, will share her experience and insights into the energy industry's future and how purpose-driven decision-making and smart strategies can drive sustainable growth. She will share her personal transformation journey from an oil and gas executive to a leader in a Geo-data company with a mission to create a safer and more sustainable world.
Celine Gerson, Group Director, Americas and President - Fugro USA
Jamie Allan, Member - OTC Board of Diretors

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