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AI Data Analytics: Insights to Performance of Safety Critical Systems

Tuesday, 7 May
ETP Stage
Energy Transition Presentations
The routine inspection, testing and maintenance of critical equipment is vital to ensure that this equipment will be ready on demand. This maintenance regime is typical frequency based with adjustments made reactively based on the results of individual equipment inspections and testing. Todays assets generate vast amounts of maintenance records each year, Often this information is recorded in natural language descriptions, on different systems & languages, diverse formats & locations. Third party assurance provided by Lloyds Register provides insights into the effectiveness of the implementation of maintenance regimes and strategies. By analysing the results of the assurance activities LR has conducted we can provide high-level insights such as which systems has the most repeated failures across multiple sites and operators, such what are the common issues that cause these failures and how long it typically takes to rectify these failures. Further we will show the potential of using AI technology to unlock the data to provide leaders greater insight into the underlying themes, systemic issues, patterns, trends, leading indicators, root causes & latent dangers.
Ian Crehan, UKI Offshore Business Manager - Lloyd's Register

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