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Advances in Riser and Pipeline Analysis and Design

Wednesday, 8 May
Technical / Poster Session
The session on advances in the design, installation, and integrity management of riser and pipeline systems serves as a platform for industry experts, researchers, and engineers to share and discuss the latest technologies and best practices. These advancements are crucial not only for the efficiency and profitability of the oil and gas sector but also for ensuring the safety of operations and minimizing environmental impact.
Sachin Mathakari, Digital Project Lead - TechnipFMC
Jorge Capeto, Principal Engineer - Stress Engineering Services Inc
  • 0930-0948 35060
    Feasibility of Steel and HDPE Sea Water Intake Risers for Deepwater Applications
    B. Mercan, 2H Offshore Inc; B.L. Volk, ExxonMobil; M. Campbell, 2H Offshore Inc; P. Guerin, 2H Offshore Engineering Ltd.
  • 0950-1008 35214
    The Hybrid Composite Flexible Pipe: A New Generation of Flexible Pipe and a Definitive Solution for High CO2 Content Applications
    A. Damiens, M. Miyazaki, K. Vraniskoski, L. Le Bourlegat, P. Correa, TechnipFMC
  • 1010-1028 35387
    Residual Curvature Riser (RCR): A Novel Concept
    A.A. Ramiro, F.C. Takafuji, P. Asgari, P. Tanscheit, Subsea7
  • 1030-1048 35290
    SLWR Design and Configuration Optimization Considering Strength, Interference, Wave and Slugging Fatigue Responses
    K. Man, F. Yin, 2H Offshore Inc; P. Cao, Genesis Energies; Y. Zeng, M. Firmian, ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering Company; M. Hore, ExxonMobil Services and Technology Private Limited
  • 1050-1108 35222
    Diverless Support Systems for an Improved Rigid/Flexible Risers Competitivity on Pre-Salt Fields
    B.P. Reis, R.M. Brito, C.V. Ferreira, R.P. Ferreira, R.R. Gonzaga, G. Reckziegel, J.G. Medeiros, F.B. Mello, G.d. Aires, J.T. Lima, Petrobras
  • 1110-1128 35093
    Precise Stochastic Fatigue Life Assessment of Umbilicals and Power Cables
    C. Arnholm, Kongsberg Maritime A.S; M. Varadhi, Kongsberg Maritime
  • 1130-1148 35311
    Inner Wear Liner for Top Tensioned Riser Sidetrack Drilling Operations
    S. Sundararaman, 2H Offshore Inc; B. Stiel, ENI US Operating Inc; R. Thethi, 2H Offshore Inc; C. Guglielmo, ENI US Operating Inc

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