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Advancements and Challenges in Floating Offshore Wind Developments: From Design to Deployment

Tuesday, 7 May
Technical / Poster Session Offshore Wind Thread
This session will delve into the various aspects of floating offshore wind energy, addressing the challenges, opportunities, and innovations in the field. Experts will present their research and findings on topics ranging from the unique challenges of floating offshore wind farms to innovative methods for maintenance, construction, and performance optimization of floating wind turbines. This session is designed for professionals in the renewable energy sector, including engineers, researchers, policymakers, and business development managers, who are interested in the latest advancements and challenges in floating offshore wind energy. Join us as we explore the future of renewable energy and the potential of floating offshore wind farms to revolutionize the industry.
Amir Izadparast - SOFEC, Inc
James Hammock, Director of Engineering Management US - RWE Renewables Offshore
  • 0930-0948 35358
    Factors Influencing Construction of Floating Offshore Wind Farms on the West Coast of the United States
    M. Kadivar, B. Samuel, RWE Offshore Wind Services LLC; L. Cottee, RWE Renewables UK Ltd; R. Neill, RWE Offshore Wind Services LLC; C. Roope, L. Arlott, A. Barwise, RWE Renewables UK Ltd
  • 0950-1008 35191
    Innovative Method for Large Corrective Maintenance of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines
    A. More, C. Cermelli, Ocergy
  • 1010-1028 35398
    Floating Offshore Wind Supply Chain Constraints and Opportunities
    T. Kruger, Neko Energy US; S. Price, M. Wiedijk, Principle Power Inc.
  • 1030-1048 35163
    Learnings from Offshore Oil and Gas: Key Translational Success Factors in Mooring Hookup and Tensioning Methods for Floating Wind
    N. Atallah, Bardex Corporation
  • 1050-1108 35062
    Final Assembly Industrialization for Floating Foundations
    A. Manca, B. Mauries, E. Kerdiles, F. Tripodi, Saipem
  • 1110-1128 35299
    CFD-Based Numerical Wave Basin for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines
    H. Jang, H. Jang, Y. Teng, Technip Energies
  • 1130-1148 35469
    An Innovative Construction Method for Concrete Spars Using Steel-Concrete-Steel Composite Systems
    N.O. Akinci, I. Kalpakidis, I. Udoh, SGH; D. Huber, American Institute of Steel Construction

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