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Active Arena: Marine Mining, Understanding the Narrative

Tuesday, 7 May
The narrative in all forms of public media surrounding marine mining, differs depending on where it originates, the point of view on green energy, position in the supply chain, and opinions of the mining industry in general. It will be important for companies and countries interested in mining these resources to understand the narrative and shape their message to be able to respond.   This panel discussion will address the perception of the seabed mining industry from the public narrative and discuss ways to move the development of regulations and technologies needed for mining and understand public sentiment toward the marine mining industry.
Gerard Barron, Chief Executive Officer - TMC
Greg Stone, Chief Scientist - TMC
Kris van Nijen, Managing Director - Global Sea Mineral Resources
Staale Monstad, Chief Executive Officer - Green Minerals
Alex Herman, Seabed Minerals Commissioner - Seabed Minerals Authority, Cook Islands
Samantha Smith, Director - Blue Globe Solutions Inc.
Andrea Hickerson, Dean of School Journalism and New Media - University of Mississippi

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